Jul 152014

This happened on Facebook earlier today, which I was perusing on my phone because the power was out because JCP&L hates customer satisfaction almost as much as Comcast:


In the immediate term, it’s fairly obvious that the Knicks are better off.  The Knicks have a ride-or-die Carmelo Anthony and not a coming-off-injury Kobe Bryant.  Putting aside the fact that north of $120 million would have most people ride-or-die for anything from the Knicks to Scientology, Melo is a top-5 scorer and under-appreciated rebounder.

Who knows what Steve Nash (one of my top-5 favorite players of all-time, a list topped by 5 time Champion Timmy D) has left, while the Knicks added serviceable point guard José Calderón in their first competent trade in recent memory.  Still, as a Knicks fan, pessimism about the direction of the team is a reflex.  Could they actually be better off than the Lakers? Continue reading »

After the Season There’s the After-Season

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Apr 172014

Now, our journey truly begins.  There is much ahead of us.  The nights will be long, often bleeding into day.  Well, they’ll bleed into about 1:30 – 2AM the next day; the West Coast games typically don’t end much later than that.  That’s right, kids, the NBA Playoffs are here.

Begins?!  Dave, are you high?  They just played an 82-game season!

Yes, maybe, and I understand that.  Look, #RealTalk: the NBA regular season is like excessive foreplay.  It’s exciting when it starts, it has its lulls and thrills, but by the end, everybody recognizes that it’s past time to get it on.

It is, indeed, past time.

Like I said, Dave, you just got 82 games.  What makes the Playoffs so special?

So glad you asked, and the timeliness of you asking me why this night is different from all other nights is not lost on me.  Here’s why I’m amped to stop dozing off during halftime of the late games and double or triple down on my already high NBA consumption: Continue reading »

Scattered Thoughts on the NBA Stretch Run

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Mar 202014

I decided that the gym iPod mix song posts were weak, so I’m putting the kibosh on them.  My attempt to solicit a new Tuesday topic via Facebook left me mostly with stuff that you don’t want in your browser history.  If you think there’s something I’d be good at riffing on weekly, drop a line in the Comments section below, or hit me up on Twitter with the hashtag #TuesdayTopic (so I know what the hell you’re talking about).

I know my first few sports posts have each centered around one main topic, but here’s the deal: there’s nothing I have a lot to say about this week.  It’s too early to talk baseball just yet; that will likely happen next week.  The NCAA Tournament starts today (Go Cuse!), but I already spent last week explaining how it’s an inferior product to the NBA game.  I don’t talk football in March, because that’s stupid.  Soccer was tempting, but I remembered who my readership is.  Hockey is cool, but those three words sum up my opinions on the sport pretty well.  So, what ya’ll get is my thoughts as we enter the last month of the NBA season.

Let’s start at the top (of the standings). Continue reading »

Mar 132014

There are plenty of comments that people habitually throw out there which are completely devoid of any basis in reality.  “Twinkies can last for at least a couple decades.”  “All toilets in Australia drain clockwise.”  “‘The Big Bang Theory’ is funny.”  “Avatar was a good movie.”

No, no, hell no, and fuck no.  That said, Kaley Cuoco, how you doin’?

Around this time of year, there is always a large group of people who confidently try to promulgate a myth so outrageous, factcheck.org would rate it “Pants On Fire”.

I have no idea what factcheck.org’s rating system is.

With Selection Sunday looming, and the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament a week away, we’re nearing the part of the calendar where you will probably hear someone say something to the effect of, “Man, the college basketball game is better than the pros!”

If this were any more false, Bill Clinton would say it under oath, and then act confused about the definition of the word “game”. Continue reading »

The Knicks: Train Wreck or Dumpster Fire?

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Feb 272014

If you ever want to see a headline that can only be written by a long-time Knicks fan, look at the one above this sentence.

I cannot feel sorry for my people, even when we sat and watched Jimmer Fredette go for 24 points on 6-8 3-pointers, propelling the second worst team in the Western Conference to an overtime win at Madison Square Garden.  Oh, and the Kings played that OT without their best player, who exited with an injury in the 4th quarter.  I was at the game.  It was like a shot to the solar plexus.

Nevertheless, it’s a shot we should have seen coming. Continue reading »