Jul 152014

This happened on Facebook earlier today, which I was perusing on my phone because the power was out because JCP&L hates customer satisfaction almost as much as Comcast:


In the immediate term, it’s fairly obvious that the Knicks are better off.  The Knicks have a ride-or-die Carmelo Anthony and not a coming-off-injury Kobe Bryant.  Putting aside the fact that north of $120 million would have most people ride-or-die for anything from the Knicks to Scientology, Melo is a top-5 scorer and under-appreciated rebounder.

Who knows what Steve Nash (one of my top-5 favorite players of all-time, a list topped by 5 time Champion Timmy D) has left, while the Knicks added serviceable point guard José Calderón in their first competent trade in recent memory.  Still, as a Knicks fan, pessimism about the direction of the team is a reflex.  Could they actually be better off than the Lakers? Continue reading »

Fair Weather Isn’t Foul

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Mar 062014

Last month, I’m sure you heard someone say, “Yup, every four years, everybody becomes an expert in figure skating.”

Fast-forward to June, and you’ll no doubt hear, “Yup, every four years, everybody suddenly cares about soccer.”

"Where the hell have you guys been for the last three years?"

“Where the hell have you guys been for the last three years?”

It’s said with the disdain with which beer snobs view folks who drink Miller Lite.  Who the hell are these people to come in and decide they care about Frivolous Activity X only at their own convenience?  How dare they!

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m completely unsympathetic to the die-hard fan who has something against the casual ones.  There is a widespread, ridiculous notion that sports fans owe some kind of duty to the teams they support.

Ridiculous.  Utter bullshit. Continue reading »

The Knicks: Train Wreck or Dumpster Fire?

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Feb 272014

If you ever want to see a headline that can only be written by a long-time Knicks fan, look at the one above this sentence.

I cannot feel sorry for my people, even when we sat and watched Jimmer Fredette go for 24 points on 6-8 3-pointers, propelling the second worst team in the Western Conference to an overtime win at Madison Square Garden.  Oh, and the Kings played that OT without their best player, who exited with an injury in the 4th quarter.  I was at the game.  It was like a shot to the solar plexus.

Nevertheless, it’s a shot we should have seen coming. Continue reading »